Slapen in de 7de hemel's-Gravenpolder

Poem Zeeland

My Zeeland by Adrie Meijer-Hertog.

When I am at the water on the Schelde East or West,

I see the broad streams, the dikes and the trees.

Then I see Zeeland at its best.

I see the wide fields, divided into large pieces.

And along the flower dykes, I can pick the flowers.

The fresh air, the wide streams, my eyes turned towards the sea,

I receive it for nothing, the fresh wind in my face!

I feel the space around me, which gives a wonderful free feeling.

That space is also in my head, that is what I mean by this.

The sun often appears on the beautiful beaches of Zeeland.

These beaches are known far and wide, also in other countries.

This is Zeeland, the land of peace and space, sea and sun.

That is a good source of life.

Land of the water and the air,

is Zeeland in a bird's eye !!

(source: Bevelander 27-01-2010)